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Where To Buy Ephedrine

A lot of people want to know where to buy ephedrine.

I also tell you how to easily make your own powerful ephedra fat burners like Xenadrine RFA 1, Hydroxycut and Metabolife 365.

For starters you can buy ephedrine hcl and ephedrine sulfate in any local drug store like CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid and others.

You can normally find the brand names Primatene, Bronk-Aid and sometimes the generic store brand.

Primatene where to buy ephedrine

These products do contain an extra ingredient in them called guaifenesin.

This ingredient is for breaking up congestion in the lungs.

Keep reading to find out how to purchase pure ephedrine HCL.Bronkaid where to buy ephedrine









Pure Ephedrine HCL

If you want pure ephedrine HCL then you can order it online. I have 2 great sources that will ship many places including to the US.

Ephedrine Source

You should have no problems placing and order for pure ephedrine hcl at either of those places.


Most people who want to use ephedrine as a fat burner will also order caffeine pills.

Those are the two ingredients in the ECA stack. ECA stands for Ephedrine, Caffeine and Aspirin.

Those were the main ingredients in all the Ephedra Fat Burners before ephedra was banned from use in weight loss products.

All the ephedra diet pills you see being sold these days are using fake ephedra. They do not contain the important ingredient ephedrine.

They call this fake ephedra, EPHEDRA EXTRACT.

You can visit this store to buy ephedra fat burners. (yes they are fake ephedra extract fat burners)

Now why would you want to buy fake ephedra fat burners?

Short cut. It is an easy short cut to creating your own real ephedra fat burner.

Go buy ephedrine here

Ephedrine Source #2

and then go and order a fat burner at World Class Nutrition.

Then you simply take the ephedrine pills at the same time you take the fat burner pills.

For example: To recreate special fat burners like…

XENADRINE RFA 1buy Superdrine RX 10 and then buy ephedrine and take 24 mg of ephedrine pills with each dosage of Superdrine.

HYDROXYCUTbuy Hydroxyslim and then buy ephedrine and take 24 mg of ephedrine pills with each dosage of Hydroxyslim.

METABOLIFE 365buy Metabodrin 365 and then purchase ephedrine and take 16 mg of ephedrine pills with each dosage of Metabodrin 365.

Ephedrine Source


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